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Guest Post Requirements:

  • Do submit posts in plaintext, HTML or DOC (or equivalent forms) format.
  • Ensure that the post is submitted with a full title.
  • All images must be in JPG format.
  • All images used must carry a credit line that links directly to their source page, not only the source website.
  • Ensure that images used in your submission have their copyright sorted out or are free to use.
  • Please ensure that image files are named in lowercase, and hyphenated (instead of underscored or with spaces) like this: tool-name.jpg.
  • The images should be in the highest possible resolution to ensure they do not appear blurry when published.
  • Include a 1-2 sentence summary of your article at the top underneath your title
  • Article length of 900-1,500 words
  • Only submit your own original work that has not been published before

Price: We charge $3/article.

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